Writing Samples



    Economics and Business

  • 'Unnovation' Can Move New England Forward — The Boston Globe, August 2014: Beyond Route 128, far from the startups and venture capitalists of Greater Boston, cities and rural areas are struggling. One idea: a return to their roots — farming and manufacturing — but with a new set of eyes.

  • The Political Incubator — The Boston Globe, March 2014: The tech start-up process becomes a model for the campaign trail.

  • Virtue Inc. — The Boston Globe Ideas Section, November 2012: Can the new ‘Benefit Corporation’ charters give companies a conscience?

  • Why Conservative Economists Will Like Liberal Senators' Plan to Tax Carbon — National Journal, February 2013: An explainer of the peculiar economics of Pigovian taxation. Posted by former Chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers Greg Mankiw as suggested reading to his blog.

  • Idolatry and Utility — 3 Quarks Daily, August 2013: How economics functions as a latter-day religion.

    Culture and History

    Foreign Correspondence

  • The Road to Mandalay — Newsweek, July 2013: Once an isolated imperial outpost, Burma is now the center of a battle between East and West. (from Myanmar)
  • Meet the O’Bama’s — Politico Magazine, November 2013: How the president's Irish 'cousin' is making shrewd use of the First Family. (from Dublin)
  • LGBT Rights a Late Casualty of Northern Ireland's Troubles — GlobalPost, December 2013: As the rest of the British Isles moves forward on LGBT rights, the North’s ruling party is fighting tooth-and-nail to preserve the status quo. (from Belfast)


  • Bad Company —  National Journal, October 2012: Mitt Romney points to a home-alarm business as a model for American capitalism. Just don’t tell the customers it ripped off. A 3,000-word investigation drawing on dozens of interviews, local news reports, and public records.

  • Former student claims misdeeds by U. officials in sealed case — Brown Daily Herald, April 2010: Breaks the news of a sealed civil lawsuit against Brown and two wealthy alums. Case subsequently unsealed and subject of national media coverage.

  •  McCormick lawyer failed to report U. connection — Brown Daily Herald, September 2010: Uses federal court records to show that a prominent Providence lawyer broke Rhode Island's rules of professional conduct in connection with the case. Reporting cited by plaintiffs in later court filings.